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Pacifica Business Brokers is a San Diego based business advisory firm offering brokerage and M&A services to small and medium business owners.


Business Valuation


Meet the needs of a dynamic business environment with a comprehensive merger and acquisition valuation specific to your company. PBB’s approach to valuation integrates both historical performance as well as growth strategy. The business valuation starts with a detailed performance analysis that reviews accounting, finances, operations and perceptual metrics.


Accounting-based measures of the business.


Financial and operational ratio analysis.


Benchmarking. Managers’ perceived performance.


Careful assessment of the quality of the business’s management.

Events Study

Benchmarking and valuation metrics. PBB can assist you in developing long-term strategies to improve your company’s performance, consolidate, access new markets, acquire skills or technologies to gain a competitive advantage, and exploit scalability.


Buy-Side Representation


Whether you are buying your first business, or aggressively growing, our team will assist you with research, underwriting and due diligence to ensure the sucess of your business endeavors. 


Our team has a list of hundreds of validated businesses ready for acquisition.

Find the One

Based on your desired area of interest, our professionals will identify your most realistic options.

Offer & Negotiations

We’ll handle all the heavy lifting, from sending offers to closing negotiations.

Due Diligence

After your offer has been accepted, a 30-day due-diligence process will be in effect, during which our team will assist you in the final screening of your business.

Closing & Post-Closing

After the due-diligence period is complete, our team will work diligently to make your transaction close as seamlessly as possible.


Sell-Side Representation

Our team understands the intricacies in selling your business. We’ll find the right buyer for you through different strategies tailored to your specific company.

Valuation estimate & Deal Structure

Our team of professionals will carefully determine a proper valuation for your company while also identifying different deal structures tailored to your business.

Marketing Packet

Marketing specialists will design a customized brochure to attract business buyers while respecting your desired confidentiality.

Promotions & Database

We utilize several techniques to find the perfect buyer for your company: 1) listing your business on up to 11 major business sale websites, 2) traditional marketing (print, press, mailers & web), 3) identifying and connecting with competitors, 4) utilizing our network of co-brokers, and 5) reaching out directly with prospective buyers from our propriety database.

We advertise on all major business sale platforms, including: CABB, IBBA, BizBuySell, BizQuest, BizBen, Businesses For Sale, DealStream, BusinessBroker, MergerPlace, Business Nation & Global BX.

Buyers & Offers Management

We’ll handle all communications and negotiations, filtering only the best and showing you only the offers from verified buyers.

Due Diligence & Close

Once an offer is accepted, we will help coordinate the due-diligence process and information flow between the parties. Our in-house lawyers, accountants, lenders, and financial analysts will make the closing quick and simple.


Small Business Equity & Debt

Nothing is more important to the success of your business than having cash on hand. Our team will help you make the best decision based on your situation and needs.

Maximize cash flow and reserves

We’ll help you increase cash flow and reserves in order to make timely investments and cover overhead and emergencies.

Debt vs Equity

We’ll help you plan your financing options and their pros and cons.

Navigate Debt Financing Options

Our team will assist with obtaining funds from lenders through business loans, lines of credit, or other forms of credit.

Equity Financing

Need an angel investor, a venture capitalist group, or other equity options? We’ll put you in contact with the best fit for your business.

Timing and Choice

What’s best for your business? Debt or equity? It all depends on your perspective and your vision. Let our team of experts help you make the best decision.

Free Opinion of Value

For a free opinion of value, call us at (858) 755-8670 or email us at info@pacificabb.com.

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