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Pacifica Business Brokers Los Angeles

At Pacifica Business Brokers, we entertain many small- and medium-sized businesses with enterprise value up to $50 million.

Maximize the Value of Your Businesses for Sale in Los Angeles with Pacifica Business Brokers

The right advice, along with extensive operational expertise, can take your business to reach unimaginable heights. At Pacifica Business Brokers, we entertain many small- and medium-sized businesses with enterprise value up to $50 million. We are Los Angeles business brokers who aim to add value to your business by improving your company’s performance, finding growth opportunities, and bringing more profitable business to the table.

Partner With PBB to Know the Real Worth of Your Business in Los Angeles

Whether you are seeking for advisory services, growing through an add-on acquisition, or prepping your Los Angeles business for a sale, experts at PBB are ready to provide you with assistance through every stage

Business Valuation

Learn the worth of your business in its specific competitive industry. Our approach to your business valuation integrates both the historical performance accompanied by a lucrative growth strategy. We offer:

    •Performance valuation
    •Management valuation
    •Financial and operational ratio analysis
    •Accounting based measures
    •Events study

Buy-Side Representation

Whether you are aggressively searching franchises for sale in Los Angeles or expanding your existing business, PBB will do everything to ensure the success of your business endeavors. We assist you with:

    •Searching acquisitions
    •Offering and negotiations
    •Due diligence
    •Deal closing and post-closing matters

Sell-Side Representation

Without industry expertise, finding the right buyer can become a daunting task. Our team understands the unique challenges and nuances of selling businesses in your specific niche. We create the perfect solutions for:

    •Valuation estimate & deal structure
    •Marketing packet
    •Promotions & database
    •Offers & buyer management
    •Due diligence & closing

Small Business Equity and Debt

Successful businesses have one thing in common – in-hand cash. Our small business brokers in Los Angeles will help you make the best decision based on your needs. We help you:

    •Plan your financial options
    •Maximize your cash flow
    •Navigate debt financing options
    •Equity financing
    •Strategize timing and choices
Are you looking for small businesses or restaurants for sale in Los Angeles? Pacific Business Brokers has all the answers you need.

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